We Talked With Dr. Nihal Yusuf About Abdominoplasty – Interview

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I interviewed Doctor Nihal Yusuf, who works as a physician in India, on Abdominoplasty.

You can read my interview.

A. Ahsen Çetin: First of all, can you tell us about yourself?

Dr. Nihal Yusuf: Hello. My name is Dr. Nihal Yusuf and I am not Turkish like many feel. I believe Nihal is a very common name for a woman in Turkey, but here in India, it is a common name for men. I am a plastic surgeon practicing in the Southern part of India in a state named Kerala which is famous for its nature.

A. Ahsen Çetin: Today we will talk to you about abdominoplasty. Could you give us brief information about this operation?

Dr. Nihal Yusuf: Abdominoplasty or tummy tuck as most people refer it to has evolved over the years, just like most of medical science. Currently, we perform a procedure called Lipoabdominoplasty, which involves the well-known Abdominoplasty combined with liposuction. In simpler terms, this surgery involves aspiration of the excess fat in the abdomen and flanks and removal of the sagging skin around the abdomen giving a person a toned appearance. We also correct the lax abdominal muscles in the front of the abdomen. The procedure is done under general anesthesia and the patient is usually discharged 2 days after surgery.

A. Ahsen Çetin: Are there any risks involved in this surgery?

Dr. Nihal Yusuf: As with any surgery, the only notable risks are the risks that accompany anesthesia. Otherwise, if done by a board-certified plastic surgeon in a state-of-the-art hospital, it is a very safe procedure with very low complication rates.

A. Ahsen Çetin: Does this surgery leave a scar?

Dr. Nihal Yusuf: Yes, it does leave behind a scar. But the beauty of this surgery is that it is so carefully planned, that the eventual scar is what we call a bikini scar. This scar is so fine and positioned that it is hidden under the bikini in case the woman wants to head out to the beach on a sunny day.

A. Ahsen Çetin: What is the frequency of this surgery in your country?

Dr. Nihal Yusuf: Tummy tucks are close to my heart and are the most commonly performed cosmetic surgery in my practice. I love this surgery because I feel life is unfair to women as they have to undergo the ordeal of pregnancy and the changes their bodies have to experience afterward. These changes like fat deposition and loose skin are irreversible to a certain extent. This surgery provides women with an opportunity to regain the physique they had before pregnancy, thus helping them regain their confidence.

A. Ahsen Çetin: What do you advise your patients before surgery?

Dr. Nihal Yusuf: The patient must cease smoking at least a month before surgery. This is vital as it affects the healing process in your body. If she has other conditions like diabetes and hypertension, these must be brought under control before surgery.

One personal tip I advise my patients is to lose weight through physical exercise as much as they can and come for surgery when they feel their body weight is constant. Fluctuations in body weight give a less than ideal result.

Finally, this surgery is done only after the patient has completed their family. If she plans on having further children, it is recommended that the surgery waits until 8-12 months after the final delivery.

A. Ahsen Çetin: Can this surgery be done for men?

Dr. Nihal Yusuf: Yes, of course. It is done in men usually after severe weight loss when there is a lot of lax abdominal skin. The scar is very similar to that of a woman, ensuring that we hide it under the undergarment.

A. Ahsen Çetin: What do you advise after surgery?

Dr. Nihal Yusuf: We ensure the patient walks on the same evening after surgery. The pain is usually tolerable and we always give adequate pain killers to ensure that the patient is comfortable.

The patient is given compression garments for up to a month after surgery and this is to maintain the physique the surgeon has sculpted. This garment can be worn under any dress so it isn’t ever a problem. We start massages 2 weeks after surgery so that it quickens the healing process and helps the scar fade.

And finally, the last tip I suggest to a patient is if she does not plan on telling the world that she is undergoing surgery, to prepare a clever lie because the whole world is going to be envious of her new amazing physique!

Doğrudan cihazınızda gerçek zamanlı güncellemeleri alın, şimdi abone olun.

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